Patrick Lew

Album: Slaves to Mass Reality (2010)

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Song: Garbage Dump (Charles Manson Cover)

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Patrick: I have been around the Internet indie music websites for almost 10 years already. I started advertising my own music when I was 15 years old and a freshman in high school. And most of my recognition came from either the Internet or DIY'ing my own one-man band, or former bands I played music in, around the San Francisco Bay Area.

But other than that, I am a 25 year old Asian American male of Taiwanese descent, going to college at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, California. I am working to get a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, and I'm planning to graduate college finally in the Winter of 2011. Not sure what I'll be doing afterwards but we'll see!

I'm a pretty complicated young man, but let's not let my problems get in the way of my music! I'm happily engaged and soon-to-be married to my fiancée and future wife Faith, who is currently living in Texas. And, I guess you can say I'm a pretty unique and artistic kind of person. My talents outside of music range from writing, digital art, acting and social activism. I acted in a few plays locally here in San Francisco doing minor roles.

So, onto the music, I am basically a one-man band operating as a homemade Rock N' Roll franchise and factory called Patrick Lew's Band. I write songs on my guitar, get the ideas of how to record and arrange them onto my laptop and Cakewalk software, and express myself lyrically, whatever the thought that's going on in my mind or current situation

When I stopped performing with my former band (Band of Asians), I took college more seriously, and went into this solo thing under my real name, and began recording a bunch of musical ideas at home and advertising them on the Internet. Posting the mp3's on my page, and, keeping fans and friends updated on Twitter, Facebook and other networking websites. You know.

Musically speaking, my style has been described as hard rock, contemporary punk and grunge influenced.

I began playing guitar when I was 13. I got a Fender from a pawnshop as a Christmas present, and I soon began taking two weeks of guitar lessons at some Chinese school in San Francisco. I developed pretty fast when writing my own song ideas, and I had this 4-track Portastudio I bought at the Guitar Center. I began doodling and sketching the power chords I learned, and singing along to poetry I'd written as I recorded my own song ideas as a songwriter and home musician onto this Portastudio thing.

I met my childhood friend Tommy at the same Chinese school I took guitar lessons at, and we formed a Garage band called Goldenweasel. As we went into the same high school together here in San Francisco, we met a friend who hooked us up with her 12-year old younger brother Eddie. He was an amazing lead guitar player for his age! We began taking music seriously and pursuing our ambition by forming, a high school band. Trying to get gigs locally and often jamming at home!